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68% of consumers say they have higher expectations for businesses’ websites since COVID-19. Is your company’s website keeping up?

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For each report, our team analyzes 4 critical elements of your website. We give a letter grade for each and a list of recommendations for any areas of improvement.



More than just good looks, we review 7 features which research shows are important to users.


Weak security can spell trouble. We check for any vulnerabilities so your site can stay air-tight.



Speed matters. We test how fast your pages load on mobile device and on a desktop.


A website needs traffic. We can help you grow yours organically with our SEO services.


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Rob Johnson

Director of Digital,
Deseret Book Company

‘’We’ve used OSI for one of our core customer-facing mobile applications that’s grown exponentially over the last year. OSI have built a highly proficient and passionate team around our needs and it’s helped us reach beyond our anticipated growth.’’

Steve Schmutz

Origami Risk

“OSI has been my go-to software development partner for several years. They have been great to work with. They’re responsive, knowledgeable, talented and professional.”

Jeff Hirst

Founder of Fluid

“I am very pleased to have OSI as a partner. Their team members have valuable business acumen and keen strategic thinking. They have vast resources to help with all aspects of creating, designing, planning, positioning and marketing a software project. I couldn’t be more happy with my experience with OSI.”

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WHAT WE DO: We help companies grow their top line by expanding their technical capabilities. We help companies grow their bottom line by delivering at below standard rates. We are builders of software, of teams and of ideas.

WHERE WE COME FROM: Founded in 1998, today there are more than 100 of us building solutions from two global locations: Salt Lake City, UT and Sofia, Bulgaria. For over 20 years we’ve helped clients large and small, from the Fortune 100 to startups.

WHO WE ARE: We are entrepreneurs. We are client focused, down to earth, dependable, people-oriented, problem solvers. We’re always looking for new challenges. Our clients think of us as part of their teams. With our clients as partners, we’re in it for the long haul, building things that matter.

WHAT MAKES US PROUD: Our first client is still a client.

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